Noodles with vegetable and fruit juice

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Fruit and vegetable noodles are the traditional food of our people. Using the original ecological high-quality wheat as the raw material, plus fresh fruit and vegetable juice, it is refined by scientific formula, with rich nutrients, multi vitamins and minerals and other characteristics. After cooking, the taste is smooth and smooth, which is a good food and gift.

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Noodles with fruits and vegetables:

Fruit and vegetable noodles are the traditional food of our people. The original ecological high-quality wheat is used as the raw material, and the fresh fresh fruit and vegetable juice is refined by a scientific formula. It has rich nutrients, multiple vitamins and minerals and other characteristics. It tastes smooth and gluten after cooking, and it is a good product for consumption and gifts.
Vegetable noodles are rich in various vitamins and have high nutritional value.
Common vegetable noodles are made by adding vegetable juices such as spinach or carrot juice to flour. Their digestive properties are similar to ordinary white noodles, but they have higher vitamin content and are suitable for people with high vitamin demand.
Green vegetables are rich in various minerals, and egg yolk is rich in protein, which can achieve a balanced and rich nutrition, meet the various elements required for human development and growth, and promote a healthier growth of the human body. Green vegetables are alkaline foods, neutralized with acidic foods such as grains and meat, and have the effect of adjusting the acid-base balance of body fluids.
Currently there are colorful vegetable noodles on the market, made with fresh spinach, pumpkin, tomato, cabbage, carrot and other vegetable juices and flour. Compared with ordinary noodles, vegetable noodles not only taste good, but also contain more vitamins , Trace elements and cellulose, higher nutritional value.

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